1. You like the picture? It’s a reference to being of the same genus. What the author describes, describes me perfectly. So the two must be of the same kind.

      As for the picture reference, I will focus on the “metaphor” behind the meaning there. Technically, that would be all over the place. I don’t know if you were a PO1 or a chief. The army blue looks a bit more like the navy blue of a chief, but there wouldn’t be a combo cap with that, right? It would be a service cap. That’s what we call the “bus driver hat” from back the day. The combo cap is the baseball hat, right?

      1. The formal Chief uniform is black (Navy Blue). The cover is a white combination (busdriver) with a big anchor.

      2. Aha. What sailors call a combo cap, soldiers call a service cap. You learn something new every day. I learn a new Navy fact eight years after I retired. So, I am still editing The Superhero, the Butterfly, the Prophet, and the Witch. I decided “Rob” wasn’t quite as cool of a successor to “the Maestro.” So, you’re “the Chief.”

        I’m sure the Navy does something similar, but in the Army, the senior NCOs have the task to train the Lieutenants (Ensigns and Junior Lieutenants) to be true leaders. But by the time an officer makes Captain (Senior Lieutenant), he is ready to take on his first command, and his NCO (the First Sergeant, or to you guys, the Senior Chief) is basically his partner, where he handles the unit mission and the Senior handles taking care of the Soldiers. Then up above that, the Majors and the Colonels and their Staff Captains pretty much handle everything, and the Sergeant Major (Master Chief) is relegated to more of an admin role.

        In the Army you would be the Sergeant First Class. I think there is something real in that “Chief” bit. And also in that “First Class” bit. So, Chief First Class, off we go. I feel like an Ensign at this point. I’m glad to have you at my side.

  1. Sir, they didn’t tell you in the Boot Camp? What a state.

    That nice, orderly row of buttons going straight down to the fly, including your buckle.

    Yes, GIFs would be quite valuable.

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