I’d Do That for You

Some Israeli scientist built a hyperbaric chamber
It’s supposed to halt aging so you can live forever
It probably costs a million dollars or two
But I’d buy one and use it to be able to be with you
I’d do that for you

I’d hit the gym super hard every day
Color my hair so it didn’t look gray
How many old men do you know who get facials and use skin creams
To be ready for someone they’ve only talked to on Spotify and in their dreams?
I’d do that for you

I’d eat sandwiches of Viagra and ginseng
Frankly I’d stop at nothing
To swim up you like a geyser
With help from my buddy Pfizer
I’d do that for you

And after my last effort to stay young
After my last swan song had been sung
When there was just nothing else I could do
I’d hire a strapping Adonis pool guy to come satisfy you
I’d do that for you

And if some terrorist attacked you and splashed acid on your face
Or if you broke your neck doing some damned Dutch hot air balloon race
And nobody would ever so much as look at you
I’d always be by your side no matter what anyone would say or do
At least they’d finally just let me have you

You just have to have fun with this sometimes. You go crazy if you don’t. 🤪

I love you. 😘

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