The Dutchman

Why would you try to silence my voice?
Why do you want to rob me of freedom of choice?
Why can’t you see that I love you?
This is something that old cruel words can never undo

If I didn’t care about you
I wouldn’t complain about you
You’re important to me
The novel I wrote intended that you would see
So why do you cast me into the sea?

I need to talk to your daughter
To transform my tears into laughter
To end the spiritual slaughter
With a word and a smile from her
But you call me a stalker

Don’t pretend that everyone will call you a king
It’s madmen like me who see within you something
A son of the king who can give them something
The treasure that their empty hearts are seeking
Don’t let our fight send them away shrieking

Put down your sword
Listen to your Lord
Make a friend
Who will defend you until the end

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