Happy Birthday

The day you were born
The earth, once spinning on her spindle, stood still
An irresistible act of divine will
The veil between God and man was torn

The angels in heaven needed another day
To dance and laugh and pray
And in all their majestic choirs to sing and marvel
The advent of a woman so wonderful

With flowing hair of sunlight and finely spun gold
Found only among the nereids and dryads and nymphs of old
With eyes of emerald depth and supernal beauty untold
Containing the light and color of all the galaxies a thousandfold

Skin so bright, glistening of strawberry glazed in succulent cream
Woven from the exquisite dance of an archangel’s most euphoric dream
Such that all delights of touch and softness reach their zenith in you, it would seem
Your form tall and lithe, revealing within you the noble blood of Nephilim

I dare not mention your sex or your hips or your breast
Lest your father and brother
Or some jealous other lover
Rip my beating and bleeding heart from my chest
I’ll just simply and crudely say they’re the best

Which leads my longing and yearning thoughts to the most celestial form of art
The power and passion
And otherworldly fashion
Contained within the Elysian depths of your wondrous heart

Your songs gave warning of emotional fire flickering unending this way and that
But such delicious spice would never even begin to conceal
Love and compassion, commiseration, and purity true and real
That no trickster could ever hide under the recesses of some wide-brimmed hat

No one could ever forget the sight of you
Staring from the other side of the room
A creature of such magnificence
That to forget would ensorcel me in doom
That I would lose sight of everything lovely and true

While you have your appearance and nature as yours, I only have words as my art
Thank you for shepherding me
You siren of heavenly destiny
Through deep valleys cold and dark
If only you were more than a memory

Happy birthday Noah
You can drink beer in a honkytonk off Interstate 10 now
I love you

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