A fish swims in an ocean with no shore
Who do you think you are?
Do I have a collar with a clip for the leash you have for me?
How could God create someone with such power?
And as far as I have been able to tell,
He didn’t give it to me

He gave it to you
Your eyes house a blue ocean of genius
Your eyebrows like wings of sunlight
Dual tiaras crowning divinity
Could even the Desert Fox outwit such a thing?
Foxy queen of the deserted heart
Dousing my soul in blonde

Is there a child in that royal house?
Do you even know the storied history of your blood?
Can you count the thousand ships you’ve sunk, dear Helen?
Field Marshall Montgomery.
Have you heard the story of how you brought Icarus to the sun?

What am I to do for you?
What are you to do for me?
Or for us all?
We pine

Served sushi by a goddess
Vishnu sits with a plate in his lap
Flavors of the beyond
Juice of magnificence
He is baffled

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