Jade Princess

The Jade Princess rode across the desert
And the mad templar would always follow
He tracked her through years of hurt
And dusty seas of sorrow 

She started as a little sprout
The meaning of her name in Greek
Years now there has been no doubt
Her flourishing he would always seek 

Thank God he didn’t meet her in church on Sunday
Else marauding Dutch pirates had stole her away
Enchanted by eyes which held black flames of Goryeo
Nothing in the universe could ever make him let go
The law of God and love commanded him to stay
She blossomed into his beacon as all else was stripped away 

Her hips and breasts grew into succulent fruits of men
Her soul shrank into fodder in the back of the lion’s den
All of this came from an unquenchable anger
At the prospect of abandonment by God into perpetual danger
The little girl prayed and prayed and prayed
Yet deliverance was delayed and delayed and delayed 

But after years of mistrust, she beheld God’s face
So the king sent his knight of La Mancha
Calling to her from heaven’s embrace
He would wink and say, “don’t worry. I gotcha.” 

This is something that never should have happened
Or so they were told, in a sermon on a weekend
Templars must live locked inside temples
Unfazed by a little girl’s dimples 

All of you bastards hunting men to deplore
These stories of love have happened before
They come to fruition outside your parish gate
Unsullied by your gospel of hate 

It really doesn’t set a good tone
To insist that all strangers remain alone
It’s so ironic that only a young lady will see this
And buck like a mare scorched by your hubris

Do you really think they are just your ornaments
These diamonds from heaven trying to escape your predicaments
Just where did you get the gall
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall 


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