A Poem I Wrote to Help with Insomnia

I lay awake very late
Contemplating my first date
With the perfect girl of my dreams
And my thoughts begin to produce reams
Of words of love and tenderness
As we sojourn through a wilderness
Of seemingly grand adventure
Which forces us to conjecture
About the character of our spirits
And the deeply hidden deposits
Of ash and pixie dust within us
And the things that make us behave thus

And we wonder if it’s our fault
Or if it’s some sort of gestalt
That gives us some kind of feature
And makes us a different sort of creature:
One that is capable of a kind of love
That is seen only in the form of a dove
Soaring up high in the skies
Above all the betrayal and lies
Unlike the citizens of this age
Who lash out in hate and rage 

I dream that one day we will be together
Walking hand in hand forever
Lending our strength to each other
Like a sister and brother
Only we’ll have a special kind of connection
Which transcends mental circumspection
And involves our electrified bodies
Conjuring brilliant rhapsodies
Of unbridled physical passion
Which will be the carnification
Of the purest form of worship
In a holy kind of relationship
For it is deep inside her
That I will become the presider
Of the divine ceremony
Of a spiritual matrimony
And the perfect union of souls
Which has always been the chief of my goals

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