Author: Jonathan Bailey


Disappointment seeps through every member of the wanderer’s bodyAnd through every exhausted ventricle of his destitute heartHe’s done everything from the noble to infantile to the shoddyEvery effort rent to nothing by a lancing from Satan’s fiery dart To find a God-fearer indistinguishable from an … Continue reading Quagmire

Monk Five to Pilgrim Seven Checkmate

Burning down belowThe itch of self-destructionDecades without compunctionThe interminable rabid pony show Better as a consecrated religiousThoughts were more prestigiousFar less desperate and superstitiousLess fraught with consternationLess submersion in self-flagellationLess gasping with desperation The wound the Dutch ripped openBlasted heat from an emotional ovenBut the … Continue reading Monk Five to Pilgrim Seven Checkmate