House Rules

Evangelical Counsels

Poverty All of my material possessions are not mine, but God’s. I vow to live a simple life, living only off of the fruit of my own labors. Money and possessions not necessary for a modest life or the support of my children will be given to charity.

Chastity I will live a life of purity, separated from the excesses and temptations of the world. I will live as a person in the world but not of the world. I vow to remain unmarried. I will live my days chaste and free from sexual activity.

Obedience I will obey God in all of my ways and doings. Here on earth I also pledge obedience to my ecclesiastical and religious superiors. I will live as a lawful individual obedient to the laws of my land so far as they do not inhibit my relationship with God or mission as a Solitary. I will not maintain friends and associates to whom I show favoritism above others.

Rules of Life

I will treat all people with dignity, regarding them as creations of God either receiving or possessing the potential to receive God’s redemption and sanction.

I will commit my spiritual and temporal resources to the aid in the defense of the downtrodden and to the working of God’s will.

I will strive for a contemplative life in God, not beholden to seeking vain temporal experience.

I will seek to teach the wisdom God has given me, and I will never refuse counsel to anyone who seeks it from me.

I will never refuse an offer to pray with someone or a request to pray for someone.

I will comply with and abide by the tradition of the ecclesiastical seal of privacy with regard to individuals who invoke my confidence.

I will maintain my own modest domicile, refraining from cohabiting with others, with the exception of my children, or by agreement, with other Consecrated Religious who share similar vows to mine.

I will retreat to the wilderness in solitude once per year for three days.

I will attend the Eucharist a minimum of one time per week.

I will pray upon waking, upon going to bed, and upon reading the Holy Scriptures.