My First Script

The camera centers on Superman’s “S” shield taking up the entire screen as he walks forward. The camera moves back and downward, cutting off at the actor’s neck but revealing his arms, showing that he is carrying a school lunch tray. It then moves further back and upward, revealing that Superman is indeed Henry Cavill as Superman walking with a school lunch tray.

The camera then moves leftward and further back, giving a leftside profile from the knee up of Henry Cavill as Superman carrying a lunch tray walking through the cafeteria.

As he walks moving with the camera, a lunch table moves into the field from the right. The camera stops moving as Cavill stops walking, standing with his lunch tray on the left side of the table.

At the back of the table, sitting facing the camera, is Zack Snyder. To Snyder’s left, at the right side of the camera scene, facing Cavill, sits Batfleck, with his lunch tray on the table. Zack and Batfleck look up at Cavill, standing there with his lunch tray.

Cavill: We need to get the band back together. Warner and DC need us. Superheroes need us. The multiverse needs us.

Snyder: I don’t know, man. Science fiction is the future. Like, it’s literally about the future. I’m thinking it’s the best way forward.

Batfleck: I just told Hollywood Reporter I’m doing different kinds of stories now.

Cavill: They’re not going to make it without us. They’re drowning in hate. Hubris. And, well, they just don’t have themes with the power of ours. And didn’t you say we were your highest-rated movie?

Snyder: They gave me a Razzie for tone, Supes.

Cavill: Matt Reeves fixed all the whining about tone. And they didn’t have a problem with the last one.

Batfleck: Don’t I die in the next one?

Cavill: In the best way possible. And we win in the end. Nobody else has what we have. We have the key to the fullest multiverse.

Snyder: Well, you’re quite the beacon of power and hope.

Cavill: That’s how you made me. Which, yeah, Zack, can you get me a chair?

Snyder: [heading quickly off camera to get a chair] Yeah, hang on.

Batfleck: [standing up slowly and menacingly to face Cavill] Do you bleed?

Cavill: Oh, come the hell on…

Zack returns with the chair, and the three sit down. The two superheroes start eating their lunch, with Zack Snyder sitting between them, looking at the camera. He gives a smiling, shrugging “What do you say?” look. The camera cuts to black.


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