Your Second Poem

Whatever happened to Caterpillar?
That’s what they’ll say when they talk about her
She was supposed to become a butterfly
She was supposed to flitter and soar and fly
Once upon a time she called herself Evangeline Light
But to be her, she would have had to fight
But she couldn’t muster the might
Her heart so tired, her body so frail and slight

Stay away from Tristan
Find some religious Jew or some Christian
Choose the right road with your freedom
Become a duchess of the kingdom
Don’t be divided and conquered all alone
Mount up on your very own roan

Why is it that every decision you take
Is exactly the one the devil wants you to make?
It starts with separation from those who love you
Then he can make you do what he wants you to
He’ll show you things that you’ll want to try
He’ll motivate you to tell a lie
You’ll become someone who doesn’t know how to talk
Then he’ll define your steps and control how you walk
He’ll surround you with people without wisdom or knowledge
And lead you down the road of carnage
You’ll look at it like some kind of grand adventure
But will be stuck with a lifetime of torture
You’ll be more of an addict than you already are
You’ll seek out your destruction near and far
The tramp stamp tattoo will be your emotional scar

Someone who is codependent
Shouldn’t be completely independent
The path you’re on isn’t an accident
You fit every profile
Of a victim of a pedophile
Think about it for a while
They’ll tell you they’re just lightening your load
But they’re taking you down the wrong road
Turning you from a princess into a toad
You’re almost twenty one, ready to be wild
But everyone is always in some ways a child
And none of us was properly domiciled

No matter what kind of crazy things you do
No matter what kind of bullshit you get yourself into
Remember your daddy had adventures too
But the scars of his adventures ended up not being so good for you
And you’ll bring your children into the bullshit stew
This cycle of destruction is nothing new

You’ve always wanted me to be proud
So I’ve had to say it loud
The devil has started his countdown sequence
Of a chain reaction with serious consequence

I’ll always be proud of you
I’ll always be beside you
I know you
I love you

It’s well time to for you to decide
If you’re going to commit spiritual suicide
I hope you don’t run away and hide
I want you by my side

Don’t drown in the devil’s undertow
Don’t abandon everyone and off you go
Don’t begin a life of suffocation slow
You’re falling in ways you’ll never know

I know you’re an emotional addict
My lightbulb went off, and everything clicked
It’s why you’re pushing everyone away
To hide in the night from the light of the day
I’m far off trying to accomplish a mission
While gasoline bonfires blaze in my kitchen
While hawks run away with my caterpillar
While demons make a day’s work out of her
I’ll come get you
If you need me to
I need a place to convert anyway
I can kill two birds with one stone and save the day

What do you say?

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