1. Dad, not sure how familiar you are with WordPress. But this is not my poem. This is from someone I know who is using a pen-name so nobody finds out she wrote it, and will probably be pissed off that I reblogged her poem onto my site.

      If you want to know how I am feeling, the only poem I wrote today was “I’d Do That for You” which is a silly lusty thing about having the hots for somebody too young for me, with a tinge of “I’ll love you truly forever and always.” My mood is fine. Yesterday I was a bit deflated by this nutty chick from the local chabad who I think I am going to have to avoid because I accidentally wrote a poem about why I wanted to talk to her and sent it to her mom, who gives me facials. That one was “Katarina.” They’ll probably think I am too weird to hang around. We will see how it goes when I get my facial tomorrow.

      Dad, it’s just typical life. Poets don’t write about normal stuff. They show the inside of normal life that the rest of you guys hide and ignore and deny.

      Anyway, for what it’s worth, the person who wrote this poem, I can’t exactly say she is “fine,” but she is doing okay and just expressing her depth. Nobody needs to make any interstate or intercontinental moves just at this moment.

      I guess, though, I should say, thanks for reaching out. You never know if a poet is making a normal day intense or an intense day normal, or if he is being direct and obvious or using vague metaphor. So you thought I “might” be dying inside and reached out. Thank you very much for that. There are in fact ways that I am dying inside. Like a lot of people are. And there are in fact people who I wish would reach out. Because they could do something about these things. So thank you for setting a good example.

      But thank you for your well-wishing and concern. Relax and take a breather. I love you very much.

    1. She is good. I didn’t address the issue of nobody understanding her in my comment to her on her site. Luckily, we talk, and I can do that on the phone. Privately and with full circumspection. That is, after she yells at me for an hour about reblogging from her site. Seriously, I might have to take this reblog down. She is not as open as I am. We’ll see what she says.

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