For the Rest of You

The spirit that inspires you
Is so far from the spirit that inspires me
I confess I just don’t understand you
You’re mired in things that have nothing to do with me
How can we be in the same spiritual family?

I’m supposed to forgive you
I’m supposed to love you
It would be easy for me to do
But what is a dialog supposed to accomplish
With figments of my own imagination?

I wrote a book about the lot of you
Among other things
In the book I told you I love her as much as you do
I think I love her more

What drove you to teach her to hate me?
What drove you to teach her to hate anyone?
What drove you to teach her to hate?
I never did such a thing to my girls
I would never do such a thing to her
Doing that to her is tantamount to hating her

She was and is so young
She needed you to inspire her to be kind
And honest
You didn’t do that
That’s why I love her more

I still need her
No monolog can explain it
No soliloquy can define it
She ties everything together

You try so hard to make it like I never existed
Go back and listen to your Christian contemporary music
On some other music service, of course
Spotify is the bane of your existence
Maybe next time you’ll act like your king told you to
You’ll be the Good Samaritan for somebody else
Somebody else will surely be easier
Back to the drawing board

Of course I will always know who the Messiah is
Of course I know he has servants in his communities
You guys might even be his servants
On other occasions
Just not this one

What we have here is a sign

Once upon a time
Some kids made fun of a prophet
And bears ripped those little children to bloody shreds
Flesh and bone of little children strewn all over the road

So it may be that you did your part
Maybe I just wasn’t supposed to go to you
I wasn’t supposed to be close to you
There are ways we can find out

So if you are there rolling in money
If everything goes well for you
If everything clicks for you
Then you were meant to send me on another path
Your palm in my face is sanctioned

But if you weren’t supposed to do that
Get ready for bankruptcy
Get ready for cancer
Get ready for heart attacks
Get ready for tribulation

Don’t expect to sell a bunch of lift loaders
Don’t expect your building permits to be renewed
Don’t expect your membership to increase

Because you don’t get to thwart the prophets

Be afraid
Be very afraid
Not of me
I wouldn’t harm a fly
Be afraid of the one who sent me
And always know, it’s never too late to change course

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