Oh, Chloe, I miss you so much, and wish I were there
So I could blow bubbles of comfort through your jet black hair
So you could finish your paper with nary a care

We share a number of demons of the same kind
That’s been a part of our bond from days gone by
Haunted by invisible oppressors unseen by the world gone blind
So sometimes making an effort is hard; we can barely try to try

Because I’m stuck with this mission, traveling so far away
I think of you, I weep for you, I yearn for you and pray
All night, in the morning, every day all day
For you and my Caterpillar, my treasure with whom you stay
But even more, there are so many things I want to say

Satan is doing everything he can to silence me
Problems with Amazon, problems with Facebook
They take all these actions, with no human even taking a look
Just Samael desperate to shut me up rapidly

I tell you this because there is something you need to hear
These efforts of the evil one are temporary and fleeting
They’ll go away and get easier if you pray and persevere
Eventually you’ll thrive, your tasks easily completing
Or finding a lover you hold dear
All those measures of success for which everyone is competing

You have these problems because you are dangerous
Devils say, “she knows what she needs to in order to kill us”
So we have to be silenced, we have to be impoverished
We have to be afflicted and in every way demolished

Those rich, prosperous religious people, to him just aren’t a danger
Too busy counting their coin to love the enemy or the stranger
They haven’t seen what we’ve seen; they don’t know what we know
Because they’ve never been caught in the abyssal undertow
But we have come back from there knowing all kinds of secrets
And we can tell people all kinds of many-splendored topics

The pain that you have experienced
Is your greatest gift, your most beautiful treasure
Worth more than any money or pleasure
But you see its value when when your weakness is extinguished

When you said you loved God, you made your choice
That was when you spoke with your true voice
You don’t exactly get to play around anymore
God heard your call, and he has more in store

You’re too rare a gem not to shine
God wants to declare to the world, “she’s mine”
If you want to vanquish your enemies
If you want freedom from debilities
You have to regard your husband celestial
In order to be filled with divine power illimitable

When you start on that right track, things will get even worse
But only temporary and ephemeral is Satan’s venomous curse
He will quickly run out of energy, you’ll eventually see
Then you’ll be free, empowered in service to the author of history

If I can’t get back to see you and my Alia in the summer
That will be a freaking huge bummer
So while I pray for you, you pray for me
To get all this done successfully
I’m just a rider alone
With nothing but a notional roan
With God behind me and above me
Like it is for you, it’s sometimes hard for me to see
That he has already written the terms of our victory

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