From Above

She will call you when I inspire her to
There is nothing else for you to do

Why is there that tear in your eye?
My Valkyrie
What is it making you want to cry?
Why is it that you want to die?

You asked me for a sign
Upon which your heart could deign to dine
Swallowing salmon with white wine
I gave you a picture of a pen of swine

You’d hoped that I would fill you with kind words
But you are going to the home of a mountain of turds
You asked me if your mission were that of a creature of wrath
Or if I would send you on a kinder and gentler path


Take what you need
Be on your way
Stop crying your heart out

You did this to me
I didn’t do it to you
What did you expect me to do?
What are your conditions for feeling free?

You will be alone
Israel will have a remnant when you get there
She is still a terrestrial drone
She has given her fair share


She will call you
When I inspire her to
Until then, please get the message
What else do you expect me to presage?

I have to tell you the truth
I have to make you who you need to be
In order that you accomplish your mission for me

It’s not going to be a walk in the park
It’s going to get really freaking dark
You can’t be a wimpy little girly man
You can be more than you think you can

If you’re going to be waylaid
Every time you get betrayed
Go back to your Guadalajara house

She will call you
When I inspire her to
And if she doesn’t
It’s because my spirit in her wasn’t

You must learn to be alone
I gave you a roan

You belong to me
In you my spirit the angels see
He or she who hates you is my enemy
Those who deny you will hang from a tree
Like they did to my son before many a century

You have to wake up
So you can wake them up
You have to be strong
Because your road will be hard and long

If she also belongs to me
If she is not a daughter of a Pharisee
She will strengthen you
If she does not, what can you do?
She can only be what I make her be
When will you see?


I am your God
It’s time for you to nod
Get down on your knee
Do what you said you’d do for me

Stop telling me you want to cry
Stop telling me you want to die
I already know
It’s time for you to grow

She will call when she is inspired
Saying this again makes me tired
If she doesn’t
She wasn’t
It’s that simple
Now can you smile and show me a dimple?

Didn’t I already tell you that I have spoken?
What kind of plan did you think I’d woven?
Are you saying it wasn’t clear?
My dear?
Don’t you see that I am getting you past your fear?

Now it’s just you and me
One, two, but not three
Just the two of us
In the back of the bus
You and I
Be happy that you’re never going to die

Just a moment on that day in Jerusalem
But you’ll go through it with him
Real quick
A fast lick
With Elijah
You know that, don’t yah?
You’ll be fine
That’s a promise of mine

Mount up on those eagles’ wings
It’s time for you to do some things
The one who joins you
Will be a servant to me faithful and true
Most are not
Don’t tell me you’ve never given that a thought
You live in a world of jack brains
Who think of new ways to curse you every time it rains
Don’t act like it’s some kind of a surprise
It’s time for you, my Dark Knight, to rise


  1. Iridescent, translucent and opaque to the ones who know not the source of the river of thought. Such as I. But that’s ok. The mysteries of life teach more than that which is obvious.

    1. When they asked Billy Joel what Piano Man was about, he said: “It’s about a guy, playing the piano.” Likewise, Goethe probably had no idea everything people would pull from his work. When people asked Bob Dylan what is stuff was about, he said he had no idea.

      It’s about what it means to you.

      All I can say is that the poem is God telling someone not to be discouraged when things go against them, because hard times are coming, and that it’s time to rise to the occasion.

      Maybe I’ve violated the Joel-Goethe-Dylan principle, but that’s what I thought I could say. I hope it hasn’t ruined it for you.

      1. Not at all, my friend. The entire point of thought is to develop the ensuing conversation. The trace of meaning you’ve shared does not remove the mystery, but it does open a door for a better understanding between two who have much in common, even though at this stage in the conversation / relationship, there is a lot yet to discover. Sorry if I rambled a little. It happens when I respond spontaneously.

      2. No, by all means, it’s all good. My contact info is on my site if there is anything you want to talk about. I’m definitely not shy about contact with strangers. As for a response here in public, I’ll say I am glad you enjoyed the poem. Not exactly sure what it is about the author that has you interested in dialog. I follow a number of poets and writers and bloggers through WordPress. Our dear Luna is one of them. I’m considering hopping over to Belgrade later in the month. That was one of the reasons Luna’s post caught my eye. What’s she doing in Zagreb? Is that what has you interested? Or something else? Not many people have expressed interest in my poetry, other than my amazing mother, but this hasn’t really phased me because most of it is written for one person, and I could generally care less about what the world at large sees in it. So I am a bit amiss as to what sort of relationship to develop with a commenter on my blog. This is a first for me. How may I be of service to you, friend?

      3. Being the perfectionist type, I need to chide you a little on the word “not” being missing from “I could generally care less” between generally and care. What you intended to say is that you could not care less. That’s a common misusage, just like the nonword “irregardless.” But, regardless of the grammar trivia, your response is well taken and appreciated. In retrospect, I regret not becoming actively involved in the expansion of my mind and life experience by reading material such as yours and Luna’s. Each of the media forms (poetry, philosophy, informational, advisory, persuasive dialog, etc.) are representations of real people with real life events, hopes, dream and aspirations. To receive and benefit from these investments in self adds value to the sender as well as the receiver. Online dialog is far from didactic. It’s really far too often parallel roads that rarely intersect, except in conversations like these. The argumentative response you received recently from someone was the bottom of the barrel form of most online dialog, but what if (the two letters in the middle life) we create a new trend and show others just how much value we can share with each other and set some free from that slough of despondency. It’ll take time and work, but the benefits cannot be number in my opinion. I updated a post that should have been removed a few days ago. You can read about my “why” there.

      4. “I could care less” is like ain’t. Debatable but accepted as colloquial. Likewise, could you borrow me a jacket to wear for dinner? If you can’t, I gives not a rat’s tail. By the way, a horse is different to a pony now. When I was young a horse could only be different from a pony, or different than a pony. I cringe when they say a thing is different to a thing, but when journalists are doing it, I have to live with it. You’re going to find “kinda” in a number of my poems, and I intentionally overuse “like,” in my prose posts. This is like, a problem but not really a problem for me. It’s kinda a semi-intentional style marker. Oh, and “nonword” is “non-word” according to the Chicago Manual, but I freely use “non word” in open defiance. I think MLA allows that, but I could actually care less. That being the case, I will forgive you for nonword. Irregardless is more egregious because it is actually adding a morpheme from Latin that changes the meaning. Irreligious means not religious, irrespective means without respect to, so irregardless means not regardless. But, if journalists are doing it, if Oxford and Webster say it’s a thing, if MLA or APA or Chicago Manual say it’s a thing language is descriptive, and you have to go with it irregardless of what you’re used to. So irregardless means the opposite of regardless, and I could care less means the opposite of I couldn’t care less. I have no idea why irregardless came to mean the same thing as regardless, and I have no idea why upstate New Yorkers ask me if I can borrow them things. They also akse questions. Or axe questions. However you want to spell it. But I think “I could care less” originated with irony. Specifically dramatic irony. When you get into a taxi to find a man with a gun who takes all your money, beats you unconscious, and leaves you on the side of the road, you walk home bloody in the rain, open the door and announce to your wife, “honey, I just had the best taxi ride of my life!” Using 90s middle-school sass jargon might clarify: “I could care less, NOT!” Remember when they used to scream NOT! After things to convey irony? So you’re sarcastically saying that you could care less in a situation where it’s obvious that you couldn’t, and so therefore are not only conveying that it is impossible to care less than you do, and you’re making that known in smartass way. I don’t know. I also hate irregardless, because it semantically doesn’t work, but I could care less comes off as an aggressive, colloquial rendering of a timid and clinical I couldn’t care less. I couldn’t care less is SUPPOSED to be a spicy and inflammatory way of saying I don’t care at all or I just don’t care, but it lacks punch. But “I could care less” almost as powerful as using a swear word, which I try to avoid but always battle with.

        So I have had so much fun talking about English I haven’t responded to the content of your comment. I’ll confess that a lot of this blog is for a Dutch girl who went to an American high school and is now serving in the military doing stuff with social media, I think because she is good at English, and likes it, and I wanted to impress her and pique her interest in these syntactical issues. So I wrote you an essay on my opinions on grammar and syntax. Regardless (or irregardless?), thanks for your desire to keep me more formal.

        As for the argumentative response I got to my comment to Luna, I wasn’t particularly nice to Luna, just casual and frank about the fact that I don’t really know much about her. I didn’t think I was particularly kind, but also wasn’t trying to be and didn’t think that I was being terribly caustic or whatever it is that Luna’s white knight commenter said in his maleficent fury. Just friendly and frank, but not trying to impress, just direct. But I have found that everywhere you go, there are those who will hate you, sometimes with potent vitriol, if you say anything at all atypical. I could kind of tell with that guy that anything other than “I’m so sorry you’re having a bad day, Luna!” would have that guy drawing his sword, itching to spill blood. “Unusual not allowed” people are everywhere. Don’t know why (I occasionally leave out pronouns too).

        I’ll check out your updated “why” post.

        I’m confused about the trend of sharing value. You want me to share more of my value? I have a blog. It’s quite an ode to myself. I do a lot of sharing of me that way, and I do what I can in my personal life with people I know. I give myself a five out of ten on devotion to others. A seven out of ten on egocentric self-promotion. I don’t fail on either scale. Or you want me to share my sense of the value of others? (Oh, I will often leave out the “do” in “do you want me to” and go with a nice “you want me to?” interrogative). But if you’re talking about sharing with others the value I see in them, yeah, I am probably a four out of ten there. I can be a bit pragmatic and critical. But yeah, I am curious as to what you mean by that.

        LONG, comments here. Have a great day!

    1. I see your site has a lot to do with your Christian faith. I hope my business emphasis wasn’t off-putting. I am glad to meet you and congratulate you on your work.

      1. Not at all. I don’t compartmentalize my work / faith / conversations. We need to be fully representative of who we are and what we do is part of the diamond in the rough. Is there a better way to get acquainted?

      2. So I am currently in Madrid. The menu on my website has a contact info page. The US phone number works anywhere in the world. My favorite messaging app is Telegram, but I am on a slew of them, though at the moment WhatsApp is inconvenient for me because it is currently on a phone that is smaller than my thumb, and WhatsApp Web doesn’t like my iPad. My Facebook page should also be on there and that will connect to me on Messenger. All my stuff is set to public so you don’t have to send any friend requests you don’t like. I read your post about the three thousand Facebook sycophants. So send me a message via any of that and we can go from there.

  2. Ah. Business. So, I am looking to start a career as a writer, and right now that means fighting with Amazon algorithms to quit pulling my book because they keep coming up with random reasons why I shouldn’t be publishing my own poetry. But beyond that, I haven’t given much thought to changing the world through my blog. My stuff is written for and about my family and friends and one other person. If anyone needs to read anything from me, they’ll find me. I don’t even do Google Analytics or anything. I’m really not about stoking my ego with a bunch of likes. I don’t need money. I actually think that putting my own stuff on my own blog is why Amazon is probably accusing me of copyright infringement, if that’s what they are doing, because they won’t even tell you why they are pulling your book off the shelves. At any rate, I haven’t really thought of my blog as a means to take over the world or anything. Is that what you’re offering? A bunch of likes and comments and followers? Perhaps I should think of my blog as a means of attracting the attention of a publisher? The links on your link aren’t valid, as your post mentions. I do see the reference to Alpha Omega publishing. A reference to the Messiah. So I’m curious. What are you on about? Glad to meet you in any event. I’ll peruse your site.

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