Fire Girl (the Thirteenth Chapter)

Good morning, maestro. I hope all is well with you. Today I will continue with my story about women from hell. I was really only planning to tell you a little about the angle of my negative past with women. I was originally thinking just one e-mail. But I am seeing that this is important stuff for the overall story. All these events: Israel, the electrochemical girl, the drugs, my Jewish studies, and the army villains are pieces of a puzzle inside my head. And these things with women actually have a significant role to play. Be patient. I want to send you some e-mails that may show you childish resentment that is very typical in misogynists, incels, MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way). In a sense it’s pathetic, and probably comes off as boring. But everything ends up being connected somehow.

Today I will start with with Arizona and my spy school. Right after I left the DLI Russian school in california in shame after having been lambasted by the psychologists there. In Arizona, I reunited with my wife who had gone ahead of me while I was to finish the school by myself. Basically she pretty much just wanted to get away from me. We went to marriage counseling, but nothing availed, she filed for divorce. I had no energy to disagree. I’d been with her in Arizona a couple of months and had just successfully completed one of the espionage courses I was slated to go through. HUMINT Officer or Interrogator Manager, I can’t remember. I was exhausted. The Life’s stress just continued on and on.

During the final phase of Source Manager course (the last of the three), I had to stay in a hotel in Tucson, an hour away from my wife in Sierra Vista. I barely passed the first two courses, and this third one was the most difficult of the three. I was going crazy. I couldn’t concentrate or control my emotions. I could not intervene in any way in my family or prevent my divorce. I had to complete the course, which was very advanced. In the evenings in the hotel I reached out to the fire girl. I’ve mentioned her in some previous mails. I’m sure you remember. My married Christian cousin with whom I have a very profound connection. Thinking about her previous husband probably kept me from dying in in the hotel with Melinda. My wife, the conservative princess, did not allow me any contact with any woman with whom I had had a romantic relationship. Not even if it was as a teenager twenty years before. Not even if she were married. Not even with any woman I would ever think about screwing in my innermost thoughts. The girl next door in high school geography class, was also obviously banned. I discovered that Satan’s favorite tactic is “Jonathan can’t talk to X, because he knows something X shouldn’t know.” But I’ll say something about that later. Since half of the population is female, it’s just easy to have someone say, “Jonathan shouldn’t talk to X woman.”

But as a divorcee, not enslaved by my wife’s chains, I can contact anyone I love. And I needed the help of someone I love. That’s how I got the idea to get back in touch with the fire girl. My appearance in her life was a shock to her. She talked to me a little by e-mail. It was not in any way romantic or sexual. We talked about very deep and personal things, but at the same time we didn’t have a specific aim in conversation. There was a lot to discuss. And everything was difficult for her. She was nervous, it seemed. Defensive in a lot of respects. After some exchanges, she ceased to respond for a short period.

Then, suddenly out of nowhere, her brother (my other cousin), Dominic, called me and with verbose grandiloquence demanded that I never talk to the fire girl again. I completely flipped out and yelled at him that when I saw him I would kill him. Then hung up. I wasn’t going to tolerate anyone telling me not to talk to anyone, and the idea that I couldn’t talk to her turned me into a beast. But if she didn’t want to talk to me, to the point of having her brother run me away, that was going to be the end of the matter. The event definitely was not the cure I was looking for. I’d hoped to get some help for myself from a loved one. I spent a week overcoming her defenses and then being treated by my own family like a freaking predator or something. This ended up being more fuel to burn in my spiral down to hell.

I think I mentioned to you that nowadays, every now and then, I talk to the fire girl. It’s true. Thanks to her, a long time later, I found out what happened. In one of my e-mails, I told her that our romance had happened when we were young, two decades ago prior, and that it would be ridiculous to keep our past or present secret. If we were going to talk, we might as well not worry about the past. Nobody else could possibly worry about something like that. I recommended that she talk to your husband about me. At that time my cousin was already a Christian. She had finished her days as a stripper. During her engagement, by the way, her husband told her that he was also a Christian, but shortly after the wedding he admitted that he was an atheist. What a wake-up call, right? Anywa, I don’t want you to forget, as I told you above, Satan does not want me to communicate with anyone, in any way. He will seek any reason, will use any servant, the false religious and atheists, carry out his plans.

Fire Girl is a servant of God in a house with a husband who knows nothing of God. I called her because I needed help. I needed the friendship of a sister of faith. Now I know she needed me, too. But we live in the devil’s world, and the devil insists that Jonathan Bailey not talk to anyone.

Needless to say, her husband was furious. I don’t know all the details, but Skyla and her sister (my cousin), Summer, told lies about me to placate her husband. Apparently these lies had something to do with being a danger to Summer’s kids or something. I don’t exactly know. But when Dominic found out, I don’t exactly know what, he went wild.

I would be remiss not to mention that Dominic is also an alleged Christian. Yes, maestro. Fire Girl is Christian, Summer is Christian, and Dominic is Christian. But they all lied, shouted, and threatened in order to placate the pathetic insecure jealous notions of a single atheist. Satan really reigns.

After finishing my courses in Arizona, I headed to my next post in Washington. I passed everything, but by a narrow margin. Before I contacted Fire Girl, I hadn’t heard anything from her for a long time. And after I called her, I didn’t hear anything for another long time.

After the episode of “The Blowjob Queen in Iraq“, which had happened five years ago, I had my second” experience of danger with a woman” who was just living her life as a woman. My interpreter in Iraq hadn’t done anything bad to me. Just being around her was dangerous. And this thing with Fire Girl, well, I can’t commend her exactly, but she was the victim of her circumstance. The men around her wanted to murder me, perhaps because there are whole groups of people who don’t want to admit the truth: that women don’t need to be protected from me. They prefer to say Jonathan Bailey is some kind of abomination. Again I have to highlight that in this second event all were Christians.

This point is important. I make a lot of this Manichean, almost theological distinction between good and evil, God and Satan, because the patterns do not seem to be mere coincidence. Harold van Ouwerkerk is my Dominic part two. The Electrochemical Girl is the Fire Girl part two. The only difference is that the Fire Girl was a forbidden ex-lover and the Electrochemical Girl is a outlawed for being young. And it amounted to a bunch of Christians are determined to destroy me, simply because I wanted to talk to a Christian.

It’s fucking depressing, man. I’m not lying: It’s fuck-all depressing.

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