Until I Know

I can’t let you go
You were supposed to heal me, and now you’re gone
I’m pretty close to done
I just have to write this book, so everybody will know

And you’ll finally understand
With my words in your hand
But then it might be too late
Because I might be on a date
With the creator of my fate
In a beautiful Elysian land
Because one day a young woman wouldn’t take my hand
And like a moron, I made sure all my plans and promises were canned
And everything since has just been sifting through sand

It was supposed to be safe, to fall into your arms, and you into mine
For the two of our lives to intertwine
But we live in a world of swine

There is much beauty here to love and to see
But it isn’t the beauty God was going to give to me
So I can’t embrace it
Because I don’t want to face it
That you were nothing
Something that wasn’t happening

So, I walk around stuck
Until I know
I can’t let you go
In this world devoid of luck

אחכה לך

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