She isn’t going to call
You’re just going to have to fall
It’s just a crystal ball
You’re supposed to lose hope

It doesn’t mean you don’t have a future
It just means your future will be without her
Cinderella man come out of your corner
Let go of the rope

So someone who wanted to save you will be the reason your heart died?
Have you forgotten that from before the world was, you have always been my bride?
I know about the crazy speeding vision quest, but is your brain really that fried?
Was it the stuff in the bag or the man who was holding it that was the dope?

This isn’t captivating
It’s rather insulting
Your lost languishing
As an aimless misanthrope

I used to send you down from the sky
The villains would run and cry
Because you are my Valkyrie
So raise your periscope

When Neo thought he wasn’t the One
That’s precisely when he won
Don’t even think you’re done
Wash this crap off with my crimson soap

I made you wild and free
So you could do incredible things for me
For the love of my Father when will you see?
Jump this hill like an antelope

No teenager is mightier than I
Look into my all-knowing eye
Let me tell you it’s time to fly
And to wear my power like a cope

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