The Agent

She was an agent from another plane of existence
Higher, outer, infernal, supernal
He didn’t really know the difference
He only saw amatory, carnal, maternal

He had to tell her the deal
He didn’t know what was real
He knew he wanted to save her
So she could give his life flavor 

She blinked in and out of his day
Like an impulse who wanted to stay
But was compelled to go away
By mistrust, shame and desperation
Which created the perfect instigation
Of a need to betray 

Was it her illimitable beauty that drove him to seek her?
Or merely that he was a perpetual seeker?
Were there really two people in this dance?
Or was he just dancing with the idea of romance? 

He barely knew who she was
Effectively just some sort of fuzz
Enveloping a shredded brain
Like a line of noetic cocaine 

How well did the Good Samaritan know the Wounded Jew?
What does he need to know in order to love you?
And to love you, what does he need to do?

We know that this nubile beauty
Is in many ways a drug
She is apparently also quite a thug
But love is a cocktail of pleasure and duty 

Love can’t be present when one is alone
Else the alleged lover is merely a drone
And a slave to desire
The immolating fire 

The memory of her thousand curls of brunette hair
Licking the oxygen from the surrounding air
Like flickering tongues of chocolate flame
Invokes a portrait of a picture-perfect dame
As a frame for wide turquoise eyes
That apparently contain a lot of lies 

Yet he’d forgive all of this
For a prolonged kiss
Not given with lips
Or even with hips
But with attention and time
Because then he’d know he were worth a dime 

What kind of thoughts would he send to the sky
After those days in which he thought he might die
In a trainwreck at the crossroads of fate
As she watched him hyper-vigilantly half-conscious through hell fire skate 

How could she disappear with scarcely a word
As if he were merely some freaked out nerd
Left to ride on alone
On a worn-out roan

Don’t leave
I will help you
The pair will make do
God will grant reprieve 

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